The new season of early-ripening apples is now available on the market, and late-ripening varieties will be harvested in early October. Huasheng Fresh Fruit is mainly engaged in the cultivation and sales of apples in Shaanxi production areas. Mr. Woods Xu of the company is busy preparing for the new season.

Regarding the production season, Xu said: "This year's apple production in Shaanxi production areas has increased slightly and is roughly the same as last year. The market price is expected to be the same as last year or may increase slightly. In terms of quality, because the planting method of short-framed dense planting is currently recommended in the production area, the quality of the apples grown is better than that of traditional planting methods. It has more advantages in fruit shape, yield, and coloring, and it is easier to manage and operate in the orchard."

Apple gift box for Mid-autumn Festival

Apple gift box for Mid-autumn Festival

Apples are a relatively conventional fruit. In recent years, changes in terms of varieties and market consumption habits have happened: "Fuji is the mainstream variety of apples, but in recent years, more consumers have tended to try other varieties besides Fuji. For example, Venus, Ruixue, and Honeycrisp. However, since these varieties are not as good as Fuji in terms of preservation and transportation, Fuji is still the mainstream of the market." In order to adapt to market changes, Huasheng Fresh Fruit also grows some new varieties.

"In terms of fruit type, the demand for large fruits is still small. Taking Fuji as an example, the demand for medium fruits #80-#85 is currently the highest. In addition, the demand for small fruits is also growing, which may be a new trend. Because small fruits are more in line with daily eating habits, consumers’ practical demand for self-use is growing.”

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and Huasheng Fresh Fruit has festival-related sales promotions, mainly apple gift boxes. Huasheng Fresh Fruit adopts the operation model of "company + base + farmers", and the base orchard area reaches 200,000 hectares.

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