The disinfection of soil increasingly needs effective technology that is easy to use. That is why Ingauna developed Vaporizont, a machine designed for the agricultural and nursery sectors. "Our technology enables swift and easy heat treatments on agricultural soil, substrates, and compost," explains Sara Revetta.

"Eight different sizes are available, and each can process different plot types and sizes. The machine can be customized and set up according to client needs. Plus, all the equipment needed to convey the steam to the soil is also supplied."

The most suitable applications are open fields (small plots), greenhouses and polytunnels, pallets, loading beds, sowing trays, and conveyors.

"Vaporizont is a machine that can work in all types of weather conditions and can easily be moved with tractors and agricultural vehicles. That is why it is made up of a sturdy frame, thick metal, and first-choice components."

Thanks to remote control, it can be included in plans that take advantage of the support of the so-called Agriculture 4.0. The machine is made up of a flash vaporization-saturated steam generator, an electrical panel, a burner, and a water softener.

"Obtaining excellent results without wasting time and fuel is possible, but it is essential to distribute the steam quickly and evenly. To do so, the right equipment is needed, which must meet safety requirements, be well-organized to simplify and hasten the process, withstand high temperatures, and be sturdy."

"The equipment we supply is made up of steam rubber complete with stainless steel couplings; steam deviation with a customizable number of outlets; micro-perforated canvas sleeve complete with rubber coupling manifolds; steam-resistant tarpaulins (average life: 10 uses); capillary thermometers for monitoring; cover to limit heat dispersion (optional)."

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