Mann Packing recently expanded its offering of its commodity vegetables and value-added products to the East Coast with the support of parent company Fresh Del Monte's wholly-owned distribution facilities. The company is now servicing several major retailers out of North Carolina-based distribution centers. This expansion further positions Mann's—a grower, shipper, and processor – as a one-stop shop for its full line of offerings, which include commodity vegetables and value-added products such as the Air-Fryer kit and line of Family Favorite veggies, all through access to its full logistics and distribution network.

By leveraging the services of Tricont Trucking & Logistics, Fresh Del Monte's third-party inland logistics company, Mann's can provide customers nationwide with fresh produce. Its vertically integrated supply chain, similar to Fresh Del Monte's, allows customers to purchase products and have them processed and delivered directly via Mann Packing. The efficiency of this system allows for an optimization in shelf life for products at a lower cost to the customer.

Mann's line of offerings includes commodity vegetables and value-added products such as the Air-Fryer kit and line of Family Favorite veggies.

"We have created a turnkey program with the customer in mind," says Chip Obracay, vice president of national sales at Mann Packing. "Not only do we have a wide array of products, but we also have a large distribution network from coast to coast, which lowers costs for our customers while also providing them with wide-ranging quality products in a timely fashion."

The products now arrive at the distribution center in the morning and are shipped to the customer by the end of the same day. This is made possible by ready-made pallets identified for specific destinations.

Currently, Mann Packing provides multiple deliveries of fresh commodity fruits and vegetables to Fresh Del Monte-owned facilities across North America. In the future, the company plans to expand further to provide more customers with fresh and value-added products.

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