"Price fluctuations are huge and product movement erratic"

"Product quality of Chinese Shine Muscat green grapes slightly improved"

Muscat Shine green grapes are also known as Sunshine Rose green grapes. The Muscat Shine is one of the more famous green grape varieties in China. The Muscat Shine is a popular grape variety, because the fruit is fragrant like a rose. The color of the grapes is bright, the fruit flesh firm and juicy, and the lack of seeds makes the Muscat Shine easy to eat. That is why the Muscat Shine grape has become a consumer favorite in China.

Although Muscat Shine grapes are still somewhat expensive, traders are keeping a close eye on the market conditions. Mr. Zheng Junfeng of Guangzhou Faikee Fruit Limited recently talked with Mr. Li Shaoxuan of "True Fruit" about conditions in the Muscat Shine grape market.

"Muscat Shine grapes enter the market every year in May, and they continue to supply the market until Spring Festival [22 January, 2023]. The first Muscat Shine grapes were only grown in Yunnan, but now the Muscat Shine vineyards are distributed across the north and the south of China in more than ten provinces. Still, the production volume in Yunnan remains the largest. There is only one Muscat Shine green grape variety, but the levels of plantation technology widely differ, so there is a variety in the market in terms of size, appearance, and product quality. There are different grades that serve different market needs, such as 'special grade', 'first grade', 'second grade', etc. The grapes are usually packed in cardboard boxes or glued foam boxes. Every box contains about 1.5-3.0 kg of grapes," said Mr. Zheng Junfeng.

Mr. Li Shaoxuan then talked about the quality of Muscat Shine grapes this year: "Improved plantation technology leads to increased product quality. However, production areas have struggled with excessive rainfall in recent months and so the flavor of the grapes has been less than ideal. Moreover, recurring outbreaks of Covid-19 this year formed obstacles for distribution. As a result, the price of Muscat Shine grapes shows a slight downward trend, but fluctuations are huge. In addition, the impact of rainfall on flavor also affects product movement, which has been unstable. In the end, the price quality ratio is still quite good for Muscat Shine grapes, and so the grape continues to sell well," said Mr. Li Shaoxuan.

"Muscat Shine grapes have been on the market for several years, so consumers know their distinctive flavor well. Moreover, the logistical challenges that came with the outbreak of Covid-19 also affect import grapes. The overall import volume declined, while domestic supply expanded. That is another factor that stimulates the price of Chinese Muscat Shine green grapes." Muscat Shine green grapes are often destined for export markets in Southeast Asia.

The number of Muscat Shine grape farmers and retailers has grown this year. The market is flooded with a variety of brands, and the price differences can be huge. According to Mr. Zheng: "Many consumers are confused by the diversity of appearance and flavor in the Muscat Shine grape market. There are honestly only a few brands that can guarantee product quality in this market. A strong brand is necessary for the stability of sales."

And different markets show a preference for different grades of Muscat Shine green grapes. "For example, Guangzhou market leans towards 'special grade' grapes in premium cardboard boxes, while Shanghai market also favors grapes in cardboard boxes, but other markets often prefer glued foam boxes."

The Muscat Shine green grape is an important grape for Guangzhou Faikee Fruit. The company primarily sells 'True Fruit' brand grapes. "The purchase team of 'True Fruit' has years of experience, so they can guarantee stable product quality. The 'True Fruit' team works with strategic partners in major markets in first- and second-tier cities throughout China. They can flexibly respond to changes in the market and make the necessary supply chain adjustments," said Mr. Zheng.

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Guangzhou Faikee Fruit Limited

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