Guangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market Report - Week 23

South African apples have just entered Guangzhou Market

May and June are slow months in the Guangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market. The delivery volume is rather small, as some fruit varieties leave the market while other fruit varieties only just entered. This week most sales figures have been stable, and for some fruit varieties the conditions are slowly improving.

The sales season of import grapes is almost over. The delivery volume is small, but the price is stable. Quite a few grape traders said that domestic Shine Muscat grapes are about to take over the market. The current price of import grapes is around 300 yuan [44.72 USD] per box, and the prices for domestic Shine Muscat grapes are between 50-200 yuan [7.45-29.81 USD] per box, depending on the quality. The price advantage of domestic grapes creates a difficult market for import grapes. (Photo right: import grapes)

The imported apples in Guangzhou Market primarily come from South Africa, New Zealand, and Chile. The South African apples have only just arrived in the market. There are Fuji apples and Gala apples. One apple trader said that South African Fuji apples sell for 200 yuan [29.81 USD] per box, while New Zealand apples sell for 250-260 yuan [37.26-38.75 USD] per box. The price and product quality of South African apples are similar to previous seasons.

The product movement of South African and New Zealand apples is more or less the same. The product movement of import oranges is improving. This week the import oranges from the USA and Egypt moved very quickly. One trader explained that the delivery volume recently declined, so the price went up, and product movement increased. The larger brands sell the best. (Photo left: South African apples)

Other import fruits in the Guangzhou Market include avocados, New Zealand kiwi fruit, and small volumes of New Zealand red pears, US cherries, and US 'eagle egg' plums.

As for domestic fruit, this week the delivery volume of domestic stone fruits significantly increased. There is a growing supply volume of honey peaches and yellow peaches, primarily from Sichuan, with additional supply from Yunnan. One trader pointed out that peaches are particularly popular with customers this week. But the domestic fruit market continues to be dominated by Shine Muscat grapes and blueberries.

Shine Muscat grapes (left) and domestic peaches (right)

The prices of Shine Muscat grapes depend on product quality. The price of top-quality Shine Muscat grapes is around 40 yuan [5.96 USD] per 0.5 kg, while mediocre grapes cost around 30 yuan [4.47 USd], and poor-quality grapes only cost around 20 yuan [2.98 USD]. Moreover, the price of a box depends on the weight. There are 4kg boxes, and 2.5kg boxes. One trader explained that top-quality Shine Muscat grapes move the quickest.

US 'eagle egg' plums (left) and Hainan yellow dragon fruit (right)

Domestic blueberries

A great number of traders deal in domestic blueberries from Yunnan, but the season is almost over, and the price is falling. The prices range between 10-90 yuan [1.49-13.42 USD] per box, depending on product quality. Blueberries from other domestic production areas also gradually enter the market. Another popular fruit is the dragon fruit from Hainan. The prices of dragon fruit depend on the sizes of the fruit. The price of a box with 8 pieces of fruit sells for around 220 yuan [32.79 USD].

Vietnamese dragon fruit

There is still a large variety of Southeast Asian imported fruit in the Guangzhou Market, including the always-popular durian. There are many buyers for durian. Other fruits include Vietnamese dragon fruit. The price rapidly increased in recent days because the supply volume is shrinking. One trader said that the current price is around 250 yuan [37.26 USD] per box, while the price around this time last year was only 100 yuan [14.91 USD]. The price more than doubled compared to last year. The trader noted that May and June were the most expensive months in the history of dragon fruit.

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